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Ignite Depot Centre is a multicultural, non-denominational ministry that welcomes people from all walks of life to launch out on a life changing journey. We exist to re-present God in order to rekindle the fire, restore the gifts, and revive a generation. By authentically recreating the kingdom on earth, it re-presents heaven's culture in our daily lives. This will release agents of change to impact societal spheres of influence and transform our cities and nation. Our approach enables us to accomplish this by practical teaching of Kingdom of God principles and demonstrations on how to apply them in your daily life. So forget how church used to be and come have a life changing experience! 

There's a place for YOU here!  #igniteTNT  #id3Centre  #WeAreID3

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What's In A Name?

Why Ignite? #igniteTNT #id3Centre #WeAreID3